Protecting Our Rights to Protect Our Children

Originally Posted 12/16/2012

Everyone should be appalled at the killings which occurred in
Connecticut yesterday. There is nothing more evil than a person who
would harm innocent children – whether out of hate for an individual or
group, or for an ideology. A prayer for the victims and mourning
families is the appropriate first response.  The second response should be to make sure it never happens again.

is no question that firearms were involved. We will all learn more
about the types of weapons, how they were used, and when and where they
were purchased.  But less than 24 hours after the attack on
the kindergarten class the battle lines for the fight over gun control
and gun rights are being drawn. The mayors of New York, Boston, Seattle,
and the Governor of New York are demanding national level action from
the President to implement control over guns. Film maker Michael Moore
was quoted in a tweet of
NRA hates freedom. They don’t want you to have the freedom to send your
children to school & expect them to come home alive.”
Obama’s tearful press conference yesterday signaled his emotional
intent to support any and all measures to take guns out of the hands of
law abiding citizens. 

owners and rights advocates have been countering on websites, citing
the same day school attack in China in which an assailant stabbed 22
children with a knife, or where to quickly stock up on ammo and
discussions about what point they are willing to go to before they give
up their guns.

of the things gun owners and gun rights advocates have to accept is
that the emotional arguments over protecting children will always beat
out any argument about a right to own guns. The images of parents
grieving for their lifeless children will always trump any statistical
argument on crime or gun ownership, as well as any argument involving
“cold dead hands” bravado.  

the media ramps up for this fight, every effort will be made to show
gun owners as the emotional children in the argument, selfishly guarding
their dangerous toys. Gun owners and advocates need to learn to make
arguments which are both intellectual and emotional. We have to be able
to reach mothers and fathers who may be afraid of guns and make them
understand that gun owners are people who love their families and feel
the same fear of criminals and the carnage they havoc. We need to answer
with words and pictures conveying logic that speaks to the hearts of
those who fear guns. We need to help the sheep distinguish between the
wolves and the sheepdogs. — The sheep have a vote in whether the
sheepdogs are forced to wear muzzles and/or get defanged.

must recognize that we will be up against the professional film makers
of Hollywood who are experts at producing images which tug at the
emotional heart strings while mocking the values we hold dear. Rob
Reiner has been at this for over 40 years. Remember how Archie Bunker
was portrayed in the 1970’s arguing against gun control: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLjNJI54GMM. 

The Gun Control arguments are coming:

We must use words which counter the Archie Bunker stereotype.  Here
are some decently worded arguments to convey that disarming law abiding
citizens is not the answer in a way that is less brash for

  • “As a father/mother and gun owner, I will never leave my
    children unprotected. I will not give up my right to protect my family
    in our home or on the street.”
  • “It is fine that you do not own a gun. Do not take away my right to protect my children.”
  • “Taking away my gun will only leave my children unprotected.”
  • “It took police XX minutes to respond to the school shooting. An
    armed teacher or administrator could have responded in seconds.” (I
    have not yet found a timeline verifying the first call to 911 and the
    arrival of the first police officer in the Connecticut shooting. Based
    on the reported delay/interruption in the school’s public address to
    initiate the lock down system, my gut says the initial call probably did
    not occur before the killer completed his spree and killed himself.)
  • “We all want to keep our children safe. But the police cannot be
    everywhere. In the average mass shooter incident, when police respond
    to mass shootings and end the situation, the average number of victims
    killed is 14.3 and usually including the shooter’s suicide. When the
    shooter encounters a concealed weapons carrier, the average is 2.3
    innocent victims killed.” (See Rampage Statistics article below)

Please share any good arguments you may have in the comments section at the end of this posting.

are some good posters I found around the web which get some of the
points across. I have included the url where I found them.  (One poster I
would love to see, but could not find, would show the choice of
responses in a school setting. One picture showing a teacher cowering in
the corner with her students and one with the teacher in a hide
position aiming at the shooter coming through the door, as well as one
showing multiple teachers securing/covering the hall way.)

of this writing, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has legislation on his
desk to authorize the arming of teachers and volunteers to protect their
schools. The teacher’s union is opposed to this bill. Let’s all hope he
signs it.  

are links to some good articles I came across in my research. (Yes,
Free Republic had the best selection of articles….just follow the links
they will get you to the original source materials.)

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