Shipping Out On Sequestration

Originally Posted 12/8/2012

received an email link  from my friend, Joseph John, a retired
Navy Captain, and Chairman of the Combat Veterans for Congress.  It is a great entry for the opening salvo on the Strategic Theory page of this site.  He
links to a interview with Admiral (Ret) James A. Lyons. It demonstrates
how domestic policy discussions can have massive impacts on our
national security and that when the President places a higher priority
on political power than ensuring the safety and security of our nation,
he is courting disaster. A strong economy is vital to maintaining a
strong military, and a strong military is equally vital to protecting
our economic and political security. It demonstrates how important it is
for political leaders to communicate these links and to present a
coordinated national strategy to maintain our nation’s freedoms.  It
also demonstrates what a devastating failure President Obama, and
unfortunately much of the Republican leadership, is on this front. 

 Here is the opening introduction from CAPT John: 

over the Fiscal Cliff will result in sequestration, yet the devastation
resulting from sequestration is being covered up by the left of center
liberal media establishment.  Please view the video in the below listed
link as Admiral James Lyons, Jr. USNA ’52 USN (Ret), former
Commander-in-Chief of the US Pacific Fleet, explains what sequestration
will mean to the US Navy; it will result in having less ships in the
entire US Fleet that the US Navy had before World War I——and less US
Navy ships than Admiral Lyons had in the US Pacific Fleet, when it was
under his command.   Sequestration will not only unilaterally decrease
the capability of the US Navy; it will also unilaterally decrease the
capability of each of the other service branches.  The American people
should ask themselves why the Commander-in-Chief is unilaterally
decreasing the capabilities of the US Armed Forces in face of the
serious increasing threats facing the nation from China, Russia, Iran,
and Islamic Terrorists.”


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