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  1. Corie Moore says:

    I appreciate your views and convictions. You are an honorable veteran and thank you for continuing the public service both officially and as a private citizen. May your tribe increase.

  2. Edgar Stephan says:


  3. Claire says:

    Will share!

  4. Julie Anderson says:

    Hi Bill!

  5. Nancy Auden says:

    Thanks for asking me to subscribe. Could you send me the website address? And would you like me to pass this on to some others that supported you.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving

  6. Vincent Sotile says:

    Looking forward to it

  7. Tanya says:

    I look forward to your posts.

  8. Leo Pusateri says:

    Great stuff, Colonel! I will definitely make this a regular read!

  9. leisa bruner says:


  10. Altman says:

    you might find the web site interesting

  11. William Russell says:

    Thanks so much Corie!



  12. William Russell says:

    Thanks, Beazy! Good to hear from you!

  13. Tom Gerhardt says:

    Thank you for the add, Bill, and thank you for your service.
    I appreciate you sending me this personal message, and I look forward to receiving and reading your blogs.
    I like what you have posted here.

  14. Vivian Berkebile says:

    Good to hear from you and looking forward to your blog!

  15. Johnnie Cavalier says:

    Thanks for the invite. I look forward to reading your blog.

  16. Michele Johnson says:

    Thank you for the invitation to subscribe b

  17. Lewis Pierre Savoie says:

    Hey Trower. Hope all is good with you. Thanks for the info on your website. I will be looking forward to upcoming articles. Again, take care and THANK YOU for YOUR service to OUR GREAT COUNTRY! Lewis

  18. Laura Hough says:

    nice to hear from you. Can’t believe how bad it has gone.

  19. Ben Rice says:

    Ooh Rah!

  20. Mar says:

    Thanks for letting me know about your blog.

  21. Dianne March says:

    Look forward to reading your blog. Happy Thanksgivng.

  22. Alison Weber says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Glad you are doing something to try and keep the lights turned on in our fragile nation.

  23. Karen Swanson says:

    Hi Bill, I think I subscribed, I just put my email address in the box off to the side and clicked subscribe–nothing happened then, so can you check?

  24. Shaun says:

    So glad to be a part of this site!

  25. Jimmy says:


  26. Lisa Camerlo-Myers says:

    Hi Bill. Good to hear from you. Glad you are still Boots on the Ground and at taking the issues.
    Mike wants to know if you are in former Congressman Alan Grayson district?
    Hello to all the Russell’s.

  27. judy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving

  28. Joyce Long says:


  29. Sam DeMarco says:

    Great to see what your doing now, Bill! I look forward to your thoughts on how we manage and move forward in these upcoming years.

  30. Chuck Konkus says:

    Thank you for the great work.

  31. Thank you Bill for the invite, I look forward to it ! We are the WatchMen !

  32. andrea pritts says:


  33. Theresa Maxwell says:

    Thank you for the invite!

  34. Renee Coulson says:

    Bill, I so appreciate your service and patriotism to our country! Love your articles!

  35. William Been says:

    Good to hear from you, Bill. Look forward to reading your information. May I use on our internet TV/radio show?

  36. Stan Bialecki says:

    Hi Bill

  37. John Weidenhof says:


  38. Michele Libor says:

    Great blog. I’m subscribing! Thanks for the invite!


  39. Jacque Fleming says:

    Please subscribe me to your blog. Thanks!

  40. Bridget Johnston says:

    Thank you for the invite, Bill. Hope you, Kasia, and your children have a Happy Thanksgiving and very Merry Christmas. I look forward to reading your blog. My husband, David, and I still wear your T-shirts!

  41. Jim says:

    Thank you for inviting me to your blog, Colonel.

  42. David Pritts says:

    Thanks Bill.

  43. Anna Wrzosek says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  44. Robert Hoffman says:

    Will you run for some office again?

  45. Pawel says:

    Good job with this blog!! Keep going and good luck!

  46. Janie Bigelow says:

    Great read. Great suggestions too! Thanks. J~

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. Mary Alice Cloukey says:

    Looking forward to reading your blogs now that I know about your site.

  49. Magda Kersting says:

    Thanks for the invite, Bill. Greetings to you and Kasia!

  50. John Weidenhof says:

    Sorry I didn’t picki this up sooner.

  51. Bob Hoffman says:

    Thank you and God Bless you for your service.

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